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State Aid for Employment after the New General Block Exemption Regulation

Laura Tebano

This article looks at the provisions of the new GBER (General Block Exemption Regulation) No 651/2014 evaluating the modifications regarding the State aid for employment in comparison with the past Commission Regulations (both No 800/2008 and No 2204/2002). These modifications can be seen through two significant features: firstly the introduction of a new list of disadvantaged workers and secondly the adoption of a new approach in the definition of severely disadvantaged workers. The several significant changes regard also the aid for the recruitment of disadvantaged workers in the form of wage subsidies (in particular concerning an incentive effect and the obligation to ensure continuous employment for a minimum period) and the introduction of a specific provision for aid for compensating the costs of assistance provided to disadvantaged workers. Finally we focus on the criteria for the staff headcount and we highlight their implications on employment law.
Keywords: State aid for employment - disadvantaged workers - severely disadvantaged workers - recruitment of disadvantaged workers - costs of assistance to disadvantaged workers - criteria for the staff headcount


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