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Alouminion v European Commission ∙ Case T-542/11 ∙ Annotation by María Muñoz de Juan and Mihalis Kekelekis

Annotation on the Judgment of the General Court of 8 October 2014

María Muñoz de Juan, Mihalis Kekelekis

This judgment provides relevant clarifications on the effects of the extension of the duration of an existing aid measure. The General Court concludes that the mere extension of the duration of an existing aid measure does not render the measure new aid. Still it has to be verified if such an extension modifies the conditions and terms of the original existing aid measure. In addition, in the context of the present judgement, the Annotation sheds some light and discusses the legal implications, if any, of the separate appeal case brought before the Court of Justice (Court) by the European Commission against Greece for failing to fulfil its obligations.
Keywords: Electricity, Existing aid, Failure to fulfil obligations, New aid, Recovery order


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