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Monitoring of State Aid

From Ex Ante to Ex Post Control

María Muñoz de Juan


Keywords: State aid, enforcement, monitoring, ex post control, SAM, decentralisation, block exemption regulation

Ex post monitoring is a counterpart of the State aid decentralisation process and, as such, is a cornerstone of the current State aid control system. The application of State aid rules is being increasingly decentralised thanks to the significant use of the block exemption Regulations by the Member States. However, this does not mean that the Commission is giving up its powers and obligations under the Treaty. On the contrary, it closely follows — through ex post controls — how State aid measures are implemented by the Member States. This Commission-level monitoring exercise aims to correct the detected irregularities both for the past and for the future and helps to improve State aid rules. It has a measurable deterrent effect.
Keywords: State aid; enforcement; monitoring; ex post control; SAM; decentralisation; block exemption regulation.

María Muñoz de Juan is a case handler at DG COMP. The views expressed in this annotation are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the European Commission or DG COMP. Consequently, only the author is responsible for her conclusions. The author would like to thank Luca Rossi and Konstantinos Elemenoglou for their comments and observations on a first draft. The drafting of this article was finalised on 28 July 2018, consequently the author does not include events/documents which may have been issued after that date.


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