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Common Interest as a Condition for State Aid Compatibility

Stig Eidissen


Keywords: State aid, compatibility, compensatory justification, common interest, judicial review

According to long-standing Commission practice, State aid must aim at or contribute to an objective of common interest to qualify as compatible with the internal market. In the recent judgment Hinkley Point C, the Court of Justice rejected the pursuit of an objective of common interest as a condition for compatibility pursuant to Article 107(3)(c) TFEU. This article takes a closer look at the origin and content of the common interest condition. Further, it discusses whether the Hinkley judgment establishes a precedent to reject a common interest condition entirely, and the possible consequences of such a precedent for State aid law and policy going forward.
Keywords: State aid; compatibility; compensatory justification; common interest; judicial review

Stig Eidissen, PhD. Currently Senior Legal Counsel at UiT Arctic University of Norway. For correspondence: <>.


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