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State Aid and COVID-19:

With a Particular Focus on the Air Transport Sector

Petar Petrov


Keywords: support schemes, COVID-19, Temporary Framework, airlines, aviation, non-discrimination, balance of interests

The outbreak of COVID-19 has devastating effects on national economies and on various business sectors. To prevent even harder consequences, Member States have adopted various support packages in order to support the hardest-hit businesses, including air carriers and airports. In order to support Member States’ initiatives, the European Commission has adopted temporary applicable State aid rules deemed more appropriate to these extraordinary circumstances. Without surprise, the rather fast authorisation of a number of State aid support schemes has open the door to litigation, giving the EU courts the occasion to rule on a number of matters. Given the importance of air carriers for both Member States’ economies and connectivity, the current paper focuses on the impact of COVID-19 on air carriers and on the recent State aid developments in this field.
Keywords: support schemes; COVID-19; Temporary Framework; airlines; aviation; non-discrimination; balance of interests

Petar Petrov, Research Associate (prae doc), Competition Law and Digitalisation Research Group, Institute for Business Law, Vienna University of Economics and Business, Austria. For correspondence: <>.


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