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Legal Interest to Challenge State Aid Measures in the Energy Sector · Case C‐429/20 P Solar Ilias Bompaina · Annotation by Maria-Konstantina Lili-Kokkori

Annotation on the Judgment of the Court of Justice of the European Union (Seventh Chamber) of 7 April 2022 in Case C‐429/20 P Solar Ilias Bompaina v Commission

Maria-Konstantina Lili-Kokkori


Keywords: interested party, legal interest, energy, RES Agreement

In Case C-429/20 P the European Court of Justice found against Solar Ilias Bompaina S.A., a company incorporated under Greek Law, which is active in the electricity market of Greece producing electricity using renewable energy sources. Solar Ilias Bompaina filed before the General Court of the EU an Application for Annulment of the European Commission’s Decision (T-143/19) that established the retroactive reduction of contracted Feed-in Tariffs to gain back previous payments. The annotation elaborates on the conditions under which an applicant qualifies as an ‘interested party’ as well as the fact that in case of potential effect on a company’s interests, a risk of a specific effect on such interest must be demonstrated.

Maria-Konstantina Lili-Kokkori, Energy lawyer, independent legal researcher, Athens, Greece. For correspondence: <>.


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