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Volume 9 (2010), Issue 2

The EdF Ruling – an electrifying Enlightening

Andreas Bartosch

Page 2

Agricultural Marketing and State Aid Law – Premature Annulment of the Decision by the Commission in the Case T-375/04?

Roland Norer

Page 9

Opinion - Substance over Legal Form: Should (non-)incorporated

Raymond Luja

Page 2

Long-term Contracts and State Aid – A new Application of the EU State Aid Regime or a Special Case?

Leigh Hancher

Page 18

The Commission 2009 Procedural Reform from a Private Party Perspective: Two Steps Forward, One Step Back?

Fabio Filpo

Page 8

Direct Action in State Aid Cases – Tightropes and Legal Protection?

Henrik Peytz, Thomas Mygind

Page 15

Comments on the New State Aid Law in Serbia in the Context of Serbia’s Accession to the EU

Irena Dajkovic

Page 14

The Role of Economics-based Approaches when Analysing Effects on Trade and Distortions of Competition after Wam

Martin Farley

Page 6

Commission v MTU Friedrichshafen: Annotation

Andrés Martin-Ehlers, David Rabenschlag

Page 5

Commission v Koninklijke FrieslandCampina NV – a clearer Picture of locus standi and legitimate Expectations

Joachim Englisch

Page 14

Have Your Day (or Say) in Court: The Case of Existing Aid

Fabio Polverino

Page 7

They Aren’t Dead Until They’re Gone

Thomas Lübbig

Page 4

Aid Scheme Beneficiaries: Standing to Challenge EC Decision and Possibility not to pay Recovery Order

Michail Papadakis

Page 6

Judgments of the General Court concerning State aid granted to a Polish Steel Producer – Huta Cze?stochowa

Katarzyna Saryusz-Wolska

Page 7

Legitimate Expectations in State Aid and the CFI

Wolfgang Weiß, Markus Haberkamm

Page 9

Standing in State Aid Cases: What’s the State of Play?

Küllike Jürimäe

Page 19

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