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Volume 10 (2011), Issue 2

An Opportunity to Make Sense – Finally – Will It Materialize?

Andreas Bartosch

Page 187 - 188

Annotation on Case T-396/08, Freistaat Sachsen and Land Sachsen-Anhalt v Commission

Urs Haegler

Page 369 - 374

Case T-211/05, Italian Republic v Commission of the European Communities

Sabine Fehringer

Page 361 - 366

Commission clears France’s “Carte Musique Jeune” – A Mistaken Measure?

Sylvie Nérisson

Page 207 - 210

Damages in State Aid Cases

Michael Honoré, Nanna Eram Jensen

Page 265 - 286

Judgment of the Court of Justice in Case C-431/07 P, Bouygues SA, Bouygues Télécom SA v Commission

David Little, Asa Hallsdottir

Page 303 - 310

Judgment of the Court of Justice of the European Union in Case C-322/09 P NDSHT v Commission

Jörn Kassow

Page 337 - 344

Private Investor Principle: What Benchmark and Whose Money?

Phedon Nicolaides, Ioana Eleonora Rusu

Page 237 - 248

Public and Privileged Access: a Case of Judicial Legislation

Bart Driessen

Page 387 - 390

Reconciling Legal Certainty, Legitimate Expectations, Equal Treatment and the Prohibition of State Aids

Antoine Winckler, François-Charles Laprévote

Page 321 - 326

State Aid in the Airline Sector: a Change in Focus

John Balfour, Solange Leandro

Page 225 - 236

The post-Altmark Era Has Started: 15 Months of Application of Regulation (EC) No. 1370/2007 to Public Transport Services

Tim Maxian Rusche, Silvia Schmidt

Page 249 - 263

The Report and Communication on Services of General Economic Interest: Stocktaking and Outlook for Reform

Adinda Sinnaeve

Page 211 - 223

The Legal Basis Which Will (Probably) Never Be Used: Enforcement of State Aid Law in a Public Procurement Context

Page 457 - 466

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