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Volume 11 (2012), Issue 1

If You Have Just One Shot – Aim Well: How to Make an Effective Complaint

Kai Struckmann, Genevra Forwood

Page 291 - 292

Judgment of the Court of First Instance in Case T-376/07, Federal Republic of Germany v Commission of the European Communities

Péter Staviczky

Page 215 - 220

Locus standi and the Private Creditor Test after the Judgment of the General Court on Buczek Automotive v Commission

María Muñoz de Juan, Jose Manuel Panero Rivas

Page 273 - 274

No Clarity Provided – European Courts Review the Concept of Indirect State Aid

Daniel von Brevern, René Grafunder

Page 201 - 207

Port Infrastructure and State Aids: In Search of a Coherent EU Policy

Nikolaos Farantouris

Page 85 - 92

Procedural Economy, but what Price Procedural Rights?

Ursula O’Dwyer

Page 263 - 270

Recovery of State Aid in Corporate Groups and Post-Transfer

Juraj Gyarfas

Page 33 - 36

Selected Issues Raised by Bank Restructuring Plans under EU State Aid Rules

François-Charles Laprévote

Page 93 - 112

State Aid for Films and Other Audiovisual Works – Current Affairs and New Developments

Irina Orssich

Page 49 - 55

State Aid for the Coal Sector – Inevitable or Dispensable?

Matthias Lang

Page 113 - 121

State Aids to the Press: The EU’s Perspective

Evangelia Psychogiopoulou

Page 57 - 71

Taking Tax Law Seriously: The Opinion of AG Mazák in EDF

Thomas Jaeger

Page 1 - 3

The 2009 Broadcasting Communication and the Commission’s Decisional Practice Two Years after its Entry into Force

Ansgar Held, Annette Kliemann

Page 37 - 47

The Concept of an “Economic Unit” in State Aid Matters and the Deggendorf Principle

Tony Joris

Page 149 - 162

Todaro Nunziatina & C. Snc

Sabine Fehringer

Page 133 - 137

“Driving” Altmark in Land Transport

Mihalis Kekelekis

Page 73 - 83

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