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Volume 11 (2012), Issue 2

Gibraltar : Beyond the Pillars of Hercules of Selectivity

Pierpaolo Rossi-Maccanico

Page 443 - 448

Judgment of the Court of Justice of the European Union in Joined Cases C-465/09 P to 470/09 P of 9 June 2011

Timo Bauer, Felicitas Chen

Page 519 - 525

Private Enforcement of State Aid Law – Problems of Guaranteeing EU Rights by means of National (Procedural) Law

Martin Köhler

Page 369 - 387

R&D&I-State Aid Rules at the Crossroads – taking Stock and Preparing the Revision

Bernhard von Wendland

Page 389 - 409

State Aid and Taxation: Recent Trends in the Case Law of the ECJ

Michael Lang

Page 411 - 421

State Aid Rules on Services of General Economic Interest: For the Committee of the Regions the Glass is half-full

Karl-Heinz Lambertz, Matthieu Hornung

Page 329 - 333

The Merchants Of Venice or A Tale of Two Cities?

Fiona Wishlade

Page 503 - 515

The Preliminary Ruling of the Court of Justice on Preferential Taxation of Cooperatives and State Aid Rules

Flavia Tomat

Page 462 - 476

The Requirement of Selectivity in the Recent Case-Law of the Court of Justice

Miro Prek Silvère Lefèvre

Page 335 - 345

What’s New in SGEI in 2012? – An Overview of the Commission’s SGEI Package

Adinda Sinnaeve

Page 347 - 367

Public Compensation for Services of General Economic Interest: An Analysis of the 2011 European Commission Framework

Damien Geradin

Page 51 - 62

SGEI Compensation in the Almunia Package – An Economics View

Lorenzo Coppi

Page 37 - 50

Some Legal Reflections on the Almunia Package

José Luis Buendía Sierra, María Muñoz de Juan

Page 63 - 81

The 2011 Almunia Package and the Challenges Ahead: Are the New Rules Flexible Enough to Fit the Wide Variety of SGEI?

Massimo Merola, Tecla Ubaldi

Page 17 - 35

The Reform of the State Aid Rules on Financing of Public Services

Elisabetta Righini

Page 3 - 16

Report from the Autumn Conference on European State Aid Law 2011

Michael Honoré, Charlotte Fornø

Page 527 - 531

Book Review


Page 533

News from the Member States

Page 309 - 328

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