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Volume 19 (2020), Issue 1

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This Quarterly – A Novel Decamerone

Andreas Bartosch

Page 1

Editor’s Note – State Aid in Time of Cholera

José Luis Buendia Sierra

Page 2


The Objectivity of the Concept of Presumed State Aid and The Problem of Deficient Circumstantial Interpretation

Carina Barbosa Gouvêa, Pedro Hermílio Villas Bôas Castelo Branco

Page 39 - 43

Case Law Annotations

News from the Member States

Austria COVID-19 ·Birgit Haslinger and Elisabeth Hoffberger-Pippan open-access

Birgit Haslinger, Elisabeth Hoffberger-Pippan

Page 74 - 78

Belgium COVID-19 ·Wout De Cock open-access

Wout De Cock

Page 78 - 80

Bulgaria COVID-19 ·Galina Petkova and Ilko Stoyanov open-access

Galina Petkova, Ilko Stoyanov

Page 80 - 81

Denmark COVID-19 ·Michael Honoré and Asbjørn Godsk Fallesen open-access

Michael Honoré, Asbjørn Godsk Fallesen

Page 81 - 84

EEA and EFTA States COVID-19 ·Marianne Clayton and Maria Segura open-access

Marianne Clayton, Maria Segura

Page 85

France COVID-19 ·Sandra Caussanel and Thomas Gourdeau open-access

Sandra Caussanel, Thomas Gourdeau

Page 86 - 87

Germany COVID-19 ·Benjamin Linke open-access

Benjamin Linke

Page 87 - 88

Greece COVID-19 ·Chara Adrikopoulou open-access

Chara Adrikopoulou

Page 89 - 92

Italy COVID-19 ·Sara Gobbato open-access

Sara Gobbato

Page 92 - 94

Portugal COVID-19 ·Philipp Melcher open-access

Philipp Melcher

Page 95

Spain COVID-19 ·Juan Jorge Piernas López open-access

Juan Jorge Piernas López

Page 96 - 97

Sweden COVID-19 ·Pamela Hansson and Malin Persson open-access

Pamela Hansson, Malin Persson

Page 97 - 98

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