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Procedural Rights of Aid Beneficiaries in State Aid Proceedings: The Case of Helsingin Bussiliikenne Oy · Cases T-597/19 and T-603/19 Helsingin Bussiliikenne Oy · Annotation by Ilkka Aalto-Setälä, Henrik J. Koivuniemi and Leo Rantanen journal article

Annotation on the Judgments of the General Court of 14 September 2022 in Case T-597/19 Helsingin kaupunki v Commission and Case T-603/19 Helsingin Bussiliikenne v Commission

Ilkka Aalto-Setälä, Henrik J. Koivuniemi

European State Aid Law Quarterly, Volume 21 (2022), Issue 4, Page 449 - 452

The Finnish State aid saga in the bus transport sector has become to a provisional end, as the General Court found in Cases T-597/19 and T-603/19 that certain measures taken by the City of Helsinki constituted unlawful State aid. The judgement showcases various interesting aspects of State aid law, particularly procedural rights of interested parties in the context of economic continuity. This annotation introduces the procedural matters at issue in Case T-603/19 and walks through the Court’s reasoning.