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EStAL 4/16: EU State Aid’s Cross-Policy and Cross-Border Effects


EStAL is renowned for illuminating European State aid from all relevant aspects, exploring its cross-policy and cross-border effects and entanglements. Read a collection of articles on State aid implications in the fields of public procurement, tax, economic and industrial policy. See also the thought-provoking opinion piece on UK’s post-Brexit attractiveness to foreign investors as well as the lessons learnt from the EU Post-Altmark regulatory package in Egypt. Pay special attention to the PhD-based articles by Fernando Pastor-Merchante and Michael Gayger which were subject to the scrutiny of our distinct EStAL PhD-Award jury. In addition, enjoy reading the annotation of the Ferraci and Montessori cases, as well as the country reports about the impact of EU policies on domestic policies in Cyprus and Bulgaria.

View all articles of the current issue HERE.