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EStAL 2/2017: 15th Birthday or on How to Remedy a Market Failure


In the beginning, there was a market failure. European State aid law […] was practised not on stage, but behind curtains. […] This market failure inspired”our EStAL founders to create the law journal which has now been serving as an inclusive forum for dialogue and deliberation on all State aid matters – over the past fifteen years. In this sense, EStAL 2/2017 assembles inspiring contributors joining the State aid community from all possible paths pondering on concepts (i. a. MEIP; normal market conditions), reviewing relevant EU and national case law (i. a. Micula, Alouminion/DEI), and critically observing current developments (i. a. Apple, Fiat, Starbucks, Brexit) and hence shaping European State aid law.

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On top of that, look out for our 15th Jubilee Feature – State Aid Experts Paying Court to EStAL on Lexxion Publisher’s You will find new interviews with our State aid experts throughout the whole year.

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