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EStAL 4/2017 - Not Even the Church Is Absolved from State Aid Rules

EStAL 4/2017 rounds up the jubilee year proving again the diversity of EU State aid law:  ‘Not Even the Church Is Absolved from State Aid Rules’ – as our editorial board member Phedon Nicolaides has affirmed unambiguously.

Read also articles on the MEIP and lessons learnt from the financial crisis; sensitive issues related to regional aid, especially operating aid to airports and ports; the role of economic analysis, in particular when deciding on State aid to Public Broadcasters; and the evergreen topic of State aid and tax rulings (Derogation test and ‘EU At Arm’s Length Principle’).

On top of that, the issue contains concise reports on relevant developments in the national spheres of EU State aid law in France and Spain.

View the whole content: Here.

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