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EStAL 3/2020 - State Aid’s Far Reach?

Issue 3/2020 of the European State Aid Law Quarterly (EStAL) is out. The thought-provoking Editorial on the recent Apple ruling sets the scene for the entire issue. How far do State aid rules stretch nowadays and where should the limits lie? The Articles section explores that theme and beyond: the compatibility of turnover-based progressive taxes with State aid law; the flexible application of State aid rules during the COVID-19 crisis and the risks of overdoing that flexibility; the suitability of the EEAG as an instrument to achieve the objectives of the European Green Deal; a critical look at the Swedish aviation tax and its (potentially) problematic fit with State aid rules; the Commission’s decisional practice on State aid to railway companies for transport coordination; the effectiveness of typical antitrust tools for collection of information when applied to States; and the complex interplay of taxation, State aid rules and arbitral courts set in motion by the Micula saga.

This issue’s News from the Member States updates you on the latest from:


Read the in-depth case notes analysing recent State aid judgments by the CJEU and the General Court:



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