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The National State Aid Register - Italy’s Experience

Gaetano Maria Giovanni Reale


Keywords: Italy, Transparency, National State Aid Register, GBER

The Italian State aid register is a central and unique database for all aid granted by national authorities. It is a powerful tool that allows the public to track in real-time the aid granted by different authorities to various beneficiaries on a legal basis. Competitors can use the register data to verify if their rivals have been granted aid, the number of aids received and if these aids have been granted legally. This makes the register a valuable resource for legal actions. The register data can also be used for policy analysis and to help improve policy design. Some research institutes have already started to utilise the data provided by the register for these purposes. This article looks at Italy's experience in implementing a State aid register, to serve as a guide for other Member States.
Keywords: Italy; Transparency; National State Aid Register; GBER

The author is an attorney and has been working in the state aid field for over six years, on service the Italian Government – EU Affairs Department - State Aid Unit. He obtained two post-graduate Masters degrees, in law (Final Thesis in EU Law: The law jurisdiction before the Court of Justice of the European Union. Rome, 25 June 2004) and in EU law and economics (Final Thesis in EU Tax Law: Harmonization of excises in the EU. Milan, 5 November 2002).


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