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EStAL 1/2023 – Reinventing EU State Aid to Address Global Challenges

Issue 1/2023 of the European State Aid Law Quarterly (EStAL) is now available! In the Articles section you can read about: the dangers of increasing reliance on ad hoc State aid frameworksmust the Commission prohibit State aid that harms the environmentSTMicroelectronics and the Commission’s Communication ‘A Chips Act for Europe’selectivity and proportionality and whether State aid control can learn from the free movement rationalea State aid perspective on a centuries-old national practice of awarding royal warrantsand whether the Belgian State should take (regulatory) measures to ensure that Belgian courts can enforce EU State aid law.

Two Opinions on current topics discuss:

In this issue’s Case Notes section you can find up-to-date annotations on:

The News from the Member States inform you about the latest developments at national level:

 Editor’s Picks:

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