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Volume 17 (2018), Issue 4

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State Aid Evaluation

State of Play and Ways Forward

Barbara Brandtner, Daniele Vidoni

Page 475 - 482

Monitoring of State Aid

From Ex Ante to Ex Post Control

María Muñoz de Juan

Page 483 - 493

Ex Post Assessment of the Impact of State Aid on Competition

Nicole Robins, Hannes Geldof

Page 494 - 508

Ex Post State Aid Evaluation in Environmental Aid

Hans Friederiszick, Ela Głowicka, Linda Gratz, Simone Lünenbürger, Andreas Rosenfeld

Page 509 - 524

The UK Experience of State Aid Evaluation

What are the Challenges, and what are the Opportunities?

Nick Wright

Page 525 - 533

News from the Member States

Belgium ∙ Wout De Cock and Tony Joris

Wout De Cock, Tony Joris

Page 553 - 556

The EEA and EFTA States ∙ Maria Segura, Egill Olafsson, Marianne Clayton

Maria Segura, Egill Olafsson, Marianne Clayton

Page 556 - 560

Poland ∙ Kamil Rosiak

Kamil Rosiak

Page 560 - 562

Spain ∙ Juan Jorge Piernas López

Juan Jorge Piernas López

Page 562 - 564

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